Join us in celebrating local female creativity in all of its forms!

Ladyfest provides an opportunity for visitors to discuss and take action on their views on topics such as misogynism in the arts and beauty standards. It allows people attend shows by female performers,and have a good time in a space where they felt comfortable to be themselves. Ladyfest is a breath of fresh air to male dominated corporate sponsored music festivals where only a handful of women are "lucky" enough to perform every year.


Perhaps you feel that 'being a female performer isn't an issue anymore. Why make it one?' Then it's likely you are someone who had never been subjected to or suffered the indignity of being ignored or patronized based on gender specific prejudices.

Maybe you feel this concept is too extreme and that it completely alienates male culture.This is certainly not the intention of this event. This annual festival is a place where women can perform with other women in a safe, friendly, predominantly female, non corporate environment.

Ladyfest is open and inviting to everyone who wishes to attend and support.